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Turn Around Time

Pinnacle Outlook Services leads the industry in response time for medical transcriptions – between 12-24 hours is our standard response time. If your physicians need faster turn around time, Pinnacle offers a 3-hour response time. Best of all, if we don’t meet the agreed upon response time, the transcriptions are free with the Pinnacle Guarantee.

How do we meet these Responsive Turn Around Times?

  • Everything we do is structured around the customer. Most physicians submit their transcriptions at the end of the day. Our medical transcribers (MTs) use flex scheduling so that they start work at the same time physicians complete and submit their oral dictations. Using our system, physicians return the next morning to find completed medical transcriptions.
  • Pinnacle employs user-friendly technology as the primary delivery method of oral dictation and medical transcription files. Within seconds, oral dictation and medical transcription files can be safely and securely transmitted.
  • Quality process improvement and the use of innovative technologies have allowed Pinnacle to streamline and simplify the medical transcription process – contributing to improved response times.
  • Each physician has a team of MTs dedicated to his/her account. Using this system, the response time improves as the MTs gain experience with their physicians. In addition, accuracy levels also dramatically improve over time.

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