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Significant Cost Savings

The healthcare industry is under extreme pressure to lower costs, while maintaining the highest quality patient care possible.

The medical transcription services offered by Pinnacle Outlook Services allows hospitals, medical clinics, and private practices to achieve significant cost savings, while freeing physician and administrative time and effort.

Our goal is to allow our customer to focus on what they do best – providing the highest quality patient care at the lowest total cost.

Pinnacle will save you money in many different ways
  • Cost per line of medical transcription: Pinnacle offers the most competitive pricing in the industry. We know that significant cost savings is key to acquiring and retaining customers, and we price our service with this principle in mind. Our web-based system with EMR capabilities is included in the price of medical transcription (i.e., NO capital investment).
  • Technology savings: Pinnacle’s medical transcribers use leading edge technology that saves time and effort in the transcription process—and this savings is passed on to the customer.

    For example:
  • Pinnacle will create physician templates that replicate the physician’s current reports. Once templates are created, there is no charge for typing any of the information in the template (name, address, headers, etc.).
  • Pinnacle implements the HIPAA standard of 65 characters per line, a practice not employed by all transcription companies.
  • On average, the use of templates and standardized line counts will decrease the actual number of lines transcribed by 15% – 45%. A lower number of lines transcribed results in cost savings for the customer.
  • Administrative costs: Web-based platforms makes it easy and convenient to access patient information, saving a significant amount of administrative time and effort. From our system:
  • Patient files can be reviewed, edited, approved, printed, and sent to appropriate 3rd party agencies – from any location, all at the click of a button.
  • Save time and effort associated with printing, filing, and faxing patient information.

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