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Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Traditionally, medical practices have relied heavily upon medical records to create, store, and retrieve “hard copies” of patient records and information. With the advent of HIPAA and emerging technologies, many medical practices are now looking to adopt Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems to create, store, and retrieve “digital copies” of patient records and information. While many medical practices are looking into EMR systems, successfully implementing EMR systems has proven to be troublesome for some. For example:
  • EMR systems are expensive, requiring a substantial capital investment.
  • EMR systems are difficult to use, requiring a long learning curve to master basic tasks.
  • Approximately 35% of EMR implementations are considered successful

EMR Capabilities at a Fraction of the Cost

Pinnacle Outlook Services offers a more realistic solution for medical practices looking for EMR capabilities with their patient records and information. Pinnacle Outlook Services offers a web based system to create, store, and retrieve patient information and records, along with the most advanced technologies for capturing digital dictation.

Pinnacle’s web-based system offers many advantages over current EMR systems:
  • Medical practices do NOT make substantial capital expenditures for EMR capabilities.
  • Instead, medical practices pay based on the number of lines of medical transcription.
  • Being a web-based system, it is extremely user-friendly and easy to master.
  • Free technical support to ensure much higher adoption rates and customer satisfaction.
Pinnacle’s web-based system offers the following EMR capabilities:
  • Create digital dictation files through hand-held digital recorders or over the phone.
  • Transfer digital dictation files and medical transcriptions within seconds.
  • Physicians can review and edit medical transcriptions directly in the system.
  • Store medical transcriptions into a secure data repository for as long as needed.
  • Search, access, and print medical records within seconds!
  • Send (email or fax) medical transcriptions to appropriate 3rd parties (i.e., insurance companies, referring physicians) directly and easily from the system.
  • Users are assigned unique IDs and passwords, ensuring HIPAA compliance.
  • Monitor and track all activities within the system, ensuring HIPAA compliance.

Pricing – Substantial Savings with NO Capital Investment
To make our technology affordable to medical practices, Pinnacle bundles its medical transcription services along with our web-based system. If you purchase our medical transcription services, you receive our web-based EMR system for free. Rest assured, our medical transcription services are leading the industry in accuracy (99% or its free) and response times (24 hours or its free). We guarantee our performance and your satisfaction!

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